Agro Aliance introduces itself

  • Czech private company having the branch office in Slovakia
  • Created in 1994
  • Joint-venture with Rhone-Poulenc (Rhone-Poulenc Agro Aliance) in the period 1995-2000
  • Involved in Agro business

Our suppliers

  • AGLUKON, Germany (foliar fertilisers)
  • AGRONUTRITION, France (microgranulated and foliar fertilizers)
  • AGROSTULLN, Germany (sulphur)
  • ALBAUGH, UK (clomazone, glyphosat)
  • ARYSTA CROPSCIENCE, USA (quizalofop-P-tefuryl, carboxylated styrene butadiene copolymer, adjuvants)
  • BASF, Germany (pendimetalin, epoxiconazole, alpha-cypermethrin, chloridazon, dimethenamid-P, pyrimethanil, fenpropimorf, quinmerac)
  • BAYER CROPSCIENCE, Germany (ethephon, desmediphan, phenmediphan, ethofumesat, bromoxynil, tebuconazol, foramsulfuron, amidosulfuron, isoxaflutol)
  • DE SANGOSSE, France (metaldehyd, lecitin, carboxylated styrene butadiene copolymer)
  • DUPONT, USA (lenacil)
  • FINCHIMICA, Italy (pendimetalin)
  • ISAGRO, Italy (tetraconazole, chlorothalonil, kiralaxyl, copper, deltamethrin)
  • NERA AGRO, CR (cooper)
  • NUFARM, Austria (chlortoluron, CCC, glyphosat, MCPA)
  • SHARDA CROPCHEM, India (quizalofop-P-ethyl, chlorpyrifos)
  • STRADI RENZO, Italy (foliar fertilizers)
  • SYNGENTA, CR (S-metolachlor, propiconazole)
  • UNITED PHOSPHORUS LIMITED, UK (clopyralid, napropamid, desmediphan, phenmediphan, ethofumesat, metamitron, diflufenican)

Customers of Agro Aliance

  • 40 Czech and 25 Slovak companies operating on distribution of pesticides, fertilisers


  • All together 19 employees


  • 7 in the Czech Republic and 4 in Slovakia – all Graduated from the Agro University in Prague or Nitra
  • All of them worked for international firms

General Manager

Jan Licenik (*1950)

  • Graduated from the School of Business in Prague (1973)
  • In 1992-94 he broadened his education at the Lyon Graduated school of Business
  • Prior to forming Agro Aliance, he worked for international companies.
  • He is fluent in French, English, Russian and German.


Agro Aliance s.r.o.

V zalesi 304
252 26 Trebotov
Praha – zapad
Czech Republic

tel: +420 257 830 138
fax: +420 257 830 138
mobil: +420 602 371 161
e-mail: jan.licenik(at)